So what is an Ilocos trip if we will not visit the Vigan Heritage Site? but before that let me share you some other tourist spots we’ve been through.


It was our last day at the beautiful Ilocos, sad! and for our day 3 we first visited the

Bangui Windmills13268170_1046583218749882_124903081038341658_o13221445_1046550512086486_7537846750941328124_n 13243853_1046579502083587_1230841921609838535_o13173907_1199197223454113_8424768761808149855_n13178827_1199197160120786_9090755840944064823_n13103363_1199197293454106_56337695320734478_n13177460_1199197193454116_8431001517044456537_n

when we got there, there is a manong who owns a horse and offers a ride for only 20 peso! oh diba barato! kapag dito yun sa manila or sa baguio hundreds of pesos yun before you will be able to have a horse ride pero kay manong only 20 pesos so Gora!


when it’s my turn, manong asked me if I wanted to let the horse reach up the knee level of the ocean. When we are approaching the shore natakot ako because it was not just like a typical shore na panay agos lang ang waves, pababa pa yun so I said “balik nalang po tayo” and I heard marami na daw namatay dun so wag na po , balik niyo na po ako sa pamilya ko hahaha…

After that we went to Kapurpurawan Rock Formation! 13235086_1046560825418788_613478235559348571_oPuraw from its Ilocos term meaning “white”. It is because of how powdery white the rock was and how it was beautifully created by nature itself.

13124971_1199200490120453_3360380407185969262_n13177612_1199200420120460_9033039690629775442_n13151393_1199200293453806_5051911028376974525_n13235366_1046560962085441_6501426844829384741_o13217460_1046560932085444_6271405219813810263_o13268148_1046561048752099_3243477245732732917_o13092076_1199197646787404_4049626436276815524_n13164314_1199197466787422_751628344119365332_n13166124_1199197936787375_1228243058260651331_n13133334_1199197810120721_1708777427333719063_ntwo words “Picture Perfect”!

Grabe nature has always something to offer! I just realized that technology overpowered our ability to live this life, I feel sad every time I see a child having fun with any gadgets… dapat di ganoon! aside from we became unproductive we tend to ignore what the real meaning of life is!!

life is about living it having a good life, a meaningful life, an abundant life! and okay sorry not sorry for ranting.

Anyway, we also visited the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse 13112886_1046561088752095_3854984165718395204_o

where you can also see a beautiful view above

13138824_1199200716787097_2637106658592670972_n13263787_1046561478752056_6461943892599213802_n(haggardoz :D)


Theeen, we went straight to one of the 7 wonders of the world

The Vigan Heritage Site!


It is one of the best town in Asia that has a well preserved Hispanic houses

13164381_1199198400120662_8375259325558379759_n13165849_1199198673453968_4805887418995913662_n13177953_1199198540120648_1433047616870457427_n13247931_1046561132085424_5754219637752007599_o(Photo Op lol)


There is also a festival that’s about to happen when we got there so I must say that we are lucky to witness it 😉

They call it the Binatbatan Festival, I do not know what it is but all the dancers are having a two bamboo sticks in them so there must be a connection between the two haha I do not really know 😀 I’m sorry!

(This link might help:

13246234_1046578982083639_5780037520409425088_o13254876_1046579078750296_5033904307454637644_o13220741_1046583288749875_8366235418972455615_o13138848_1091508547553839_8002696709899315428_n(all the kids participant are too cute!!)

Anyway we depart vigan at 8pm and got back to manila at 1am

Overall it was a wonderful experience! I do had a really great time 🙂

it is indeed more fun in the Philippines!



So here it is, the 2nd day of our trip.  it was already 6 am when we took our breakfast.

img_4595(selfie muna hehe)

Our first destination was the Kabigan Fallsimg_1095

we have to trek back and forth to reach/ see it’s beauty. good thing hindi ganoon kahirap at nakakapagod kasi di siya gaanong mabundok so lakad lang talaga.img_4593img_4596img_4588img_4589img_1024img_1025img_1027img_1029img_1030img_1031img_1063img_4587img_4591img_4582img_4584img_4581img_4580

So beautiful, when you are about to appraoch the falls you can already hear it’s running, flowing water.img_1119img_1082img_1094img_1077img_1076img_1075

The water is really cold! super! napapasigaw nga ako sa sobrang lamig which is not a good idea. so wag ninyong gagayahin because the forest people will be disturbed by the noise.13174002_733893500046991_4194133935413315223_n13174186_733893356713672_424286435386410937_n13151863_733893706713637_6185189980034806683_n13179319_733893590046982_1774862827974660010_n13177602_733893796713628_5294452837214752070_n13177492_733893040047037_50287891141555366_n13164375_733893020047039_6466970427147873234_n13138867_733893230047018_3164618411894902773_nREALLY? WHAT A FACE 😀


The good thing also is we are the first group to arrive at the falls so family bonding lang talaga no other people 🙂

Before heading out to what I love (the beach) we just went first and take a view at the Patapat Viaduct, it was just a bridge like road and  it is kind of beautiful.img_4622img_4621img_4623img_4624SQUAD GOALS!!

Then we went to Paraiso ni Anton there is a running water that people are going crazy about to sip some from it.img_1135

so ako naman nahiwagaan kaya I insisted my father that I want to take a sip of it and he take me some so I can taste it, and yeah it taste sweet and fresh! we also bought Ilocos empanada and some souvenirs.

After that we head out to Bantay Abot Cave! so beautiful with its scenic view.img_1141img_1146img_1151img_1153img_1154img_1160img_1161img_1163

Aaand then we head out to the Blue Lagoonimg_4556(I swear can stare to this island all day!)

img_4723img_4722img_4721img_4719img_1190img_1199img_1204img_1197img_1189img_120513064728_1046579212083616_3356994702113970808_o13220627_1046583428749861_7076896198853631728_o13246308_1046583245416546_709332110077934572_o13100930_1199196920120810_3169925475643800146_nWow, just wow! we really enjoyed the beach! even if the sun is really hot you will never feel because the water is very cool!!

while my sister is afraid on being tan, I and the boys together with my younger sister doesn’t care anymore because we really wanted to enjoy our vacation. *evil laughs*

past 4 in the afternoon we already packed our things up and…

that’s all for now, Chao!


It’s been 7 months since this trip has happened and I know it also took me the months before I was able to publish it. But, here it is! Finally!!!

So Ilocos Trip happened last 4th of the May. we depart from our house at 10:00 in the evening, it was a long drive! it took us about 5-6 hours (including stopovers) on the road until we arrive in Ilocos proper at 4:30 in the morning.

(photos taken inside the car when we arrived)

IMG_0762 (Quirino Bridge, Vigan)

So on our first stop we went to Bantay Belltower, where we had our brekky.


It was a nice place! on the entrance there’s a man who will take a picture of you and your family. kaaliw si manong! very energetic!! haha


After that we went to Baluarte Zoo. At the entrance there are lots of tarpaulin showing different kinds of animals, which you will never see at the Zoo’s in Manila!! so ako naman napaWOW!


When we are already inside the Zoo I was like “ah, okay. so may ducks, may snakes, oh! may butterfly! and hep, may naglalakad na kabayo” di pa ata ako nakakita nun sa Manila charot!bwell anyway, you know what’s the best thing na meron dun? yun ay yung amoy ng Lion. hahaha charot lang!

yun ay yung bagong ginagawang building for seals and water animals. the sad part is we weren’t able to see one kasi nga under construction pa. pero nag enjoy naman ako ng very light. heheimg_0781img_0780img_0784img_0785img_0789img_0791img_0793

img_0794(taray ng nanay ko haciendera LOL!)



And then we head out to a pottery house, where they make us see how to make vases and pots from clay-mud.cdf And they do all of it manually! of course! haha they do pedal that big round of a fountain like hard stone.eAt first I thought it was just easy, but no! It was heavy and you need to be forceful to make the stone spin continuously.

And so ayun na nga, kuya manong let us see how to make one so he pour some mud and water.

it was just like he’s baking haha probably the spinning stone helps the mud to rise,

and yep it’s time for you to form your own pot!


I was amazed on how it is possibly done by kuya manong so I asked him if I could try it, then eventually he let me to do it. I feet lucky that time charot hehe!

And tada! My finished product with some help of kuya manong *wink*img_0816

After that awesome experience, we went to Crisologo Museum.img_082213179376_733904690045872_9134839390580501208_nimg_0833img_0835img_083613139324_733905000045841_3866807244789185731_nimg_0841img_0842img_4836Ayan siya! I have nothing to say haha

After the picture taking, we went to another museum…

The Luna Museum of Juan and Antonio.13179371_733904946712513_627350738966278676_n13133253_733904973379177_5179746602548728747_n13173923_733905086712499_289607373471966787_nantonjuanluna

The movie Heneral Luna was just fresh in my mind at that time so I can imagine everything I saw in the museum, and all I can say is, it has a beautiful structure and surroundings haha I love history but I am not fond of going to museums. sad? yep!

Then we went to Batac, at the Marcos Museum. Yep again another museum! but, but this time I was really excited! oo I was excited. it is just to see marcos’ remains kaso we have to tour pa the other building, so okayy *pissed off*marcimg_086613165924_733905183379156_4213949903571265517_n  My Kuya lolcosThen after all the kwentos of ateng tour guide, Finally! she let us see Marcos’ Musuleo!

Cellphones are not allowed inside so taking picture is not possible, it’s very cold inside and you can smell the formalin all over the room (for me, ewan ko sa iba) and you can only stay for about 5 minutes, basically you can have just a sight of him. At ayoko narin magstay sa loob not because I was scared but because I can’t take the smell. *wink*

aaaaaaaaaaaaand, not yet the end haha we went straight to Paoay Church! very historical and a wonderful place. I love the baroque style of the church, so amazing.img_0909img_0895img_090313173999_733905520045789_5525770797080772661_nimg_0889img_0892

We also have another stop the Malacanang of the north but we didn’t go to it because we are too weary and tired of all we have done earlier that morning so the family decided to went straight to where we are going to check in. and wait, we will also try the Sand dunes kaso nga di na kaya ng mga katawan, sad but there are still next timessss hehe

It was 4:00 pm the troupes will now head out to PAGUDPUD!img_4627img_4628

Finally, I can smell the salty air, feel the fine sands and the cold water on my feet. *insert happy dance*  And because of my excitement I grabbed the opportunity (lol) to take a nap along the ride so when we arrive at the resort I wouln’t feel the tiredness.

on exactly 5:15 we arrived at the resort, everyone was so busy arranging the things and their stuffs, some of my sisters are lying on the bed and I was asking the boys if they could accompany me at the shore.

and then bang…..pggdimg_0933img_0936img_0935img_0937img_0941

I cannot even wait to take some dip so the family rushed to change their swimming attire and then we spent our night playing, laughing and giggling at the beach.img_0986img_0987img_0984img_0983img_0950img_0952img_0940gud

There is also an incident where our treasured swimming baloons (yup treasured talaga because those are the ones we uses everytime we are having our family outing) has been washed by the waves and got lost that night!

Those water balls are very memorable haha since I was in grades school it is the swimming baloons/balls we are using so I can understand why my mother is very mad. *laughs*

Even my kuyas tried harder to catch it and bring it back kaso “that moment na kahit anong habol mo di mo na siya kayang kunin at ang magagawa mo nalang ay titigan siya habang lumalayo…” totoo to hindi ito pag-ibig, breaks my heart! especially my mother’s because she took good care of those tapos mawawala lang sa isang iglap? it’s okay mader!

Anyway, we took out of the water at 7pm and then had our dinner.

It was a wonderful start of our Ilocos tour!



Tama bang mahalin ka?

Tama bang suyuin ka?

Hindi yan tama sabi ng iba

Ngunit sino nga ba sila para magdikta

Hindi ko alam kung bakit ganito

Tila ba minsan ako’y napapasuko

Pero anong magagawa ng desisyon ko

Kung ang puso ko nama’y di iyon ang gusto

Akala ng ilan hindi tayo nagbabangayan

Ngunit tao rin tayong may pinagdadaanan

Mabuti nga la’t nalalagpasan

Pagka’t nadadaan sa masinsinang usapan

Noon takot akong magmahal

Takot akong iwan ng aking minamahal

Kaya naman patuloy akong nagdarasal

Na sana’y ika’y makasama ng matagal

Alam kong malayu-layo pang ating lalakbayin

Marami-rami pa ang susunguin

Sana’y wag mong lilimutin

Lahat ng ito’y kaya nating sagupain

 Kaya’t mula sa tulang ito

Nais kong kong malaman mo

Ang  kahalagahan ng isang tulad mo

Na naiiba sa lahat ng nakilala ko

At alam mo ba na sa lahat ng ito

Kung ano ang nakikita ko?

Hindi ikaw, ni hindi rin ako;

Kundi tayo

Life Lately | Vol. 1

How’s my life lately? so I’ve been very busy for a couple of months now, It’s been 2 months since I’ve posted my last entry. Sad I wasn’t able to update my blog, yeah I know…

It is because of the school days (priority) and some day-to-day stuffs. we just had our midterm exam last Monday and Tuesday, and now I am reviewing for my upcoming CSC Exam next month.

Honestly, I feel really exhausted this past few weeks. How I wish I could either cancel or skip the exam, but I know it was not that easy. We’ve been through a lot of things just to make this exam happen and I am sure my mother and sister will get mad if I won’t take so I won’t do it. *smiles* well, I am just thinking if I could; somehow… hehe

I am also not feeling the fear of failing the exam ( I am not saying that I can pass it), it was just I am not prepared into this “soon to be working” thought of every graduating students.

I am not prepared! I am not, I will not be and will never be prepared. I don’t know why, I just believe that no one will risk their time (to interview) for me, that any company will not ever hire someone like me. I know, I know… It’s just I really don’t see something valuable on me; not in my brain, my abilities and not even in my strengths. That’s how I look to myself basically, Cést la vie!

Anyway, I am also learning to cook dishes for I will be needing it someday. I remember when I was twelve it’s my first time to cook adobo and sinigang, so glad I’ve done it better. I am also into baking and making frosty desserts.

And yesterday, we’ve been very busy preparing for my mother’s birthday on Monday! and you know what I am so happy!!! Thank God it’s holidayyyyy we’re all complete, family’s complete hehe I am also thankful that I’ve got a long weekend (since Wednesday) 6 days straight of not going to school. Oh the feeling’s overwhelming!!! I am the happiest student right now *insert happy dance*

And yeap! I Know I’m gonna miss it when I graduated but I just need to rest my brain. I wanted to stay on bed, catch up on sleep and things around me.

But… but, I still wanted to be productive so I’ll start it by finishing all my pending entries *wink*

Have a great weekend everyone!

No showing teeth!

It was 12th of July, my B accompanied me to pass my requirements for the Civil Service Exam.IMG_6299

But before that merong super epic incident na nangyari sakin *laughs*

Ganito kasi yun, we are already halfway to our first stop before I realized that I forgot my envelope where my requirements are placed!

GOSH! MY GOODNESS!! OMG!!! Then I goes (on my mind) “Bakit ngayon mo lang naalala! dapat kanina pa! ang layo na oh, babalik ka pa” *insert dismayed face* of all things na pwedeng makalimutan ayun pa talaga!? kaloka!

So I have no choice but to go back, because I really NEEDED that. Ayun yung ipapasa ko eh so gora!

Good thing my mother is aware that I forgot my envelope, so no need for me to go home; instead I’ll only need to meet my father at the main street to get my envelope.

So there he goes, waiting for me, held to me my envelope and then together with my B we ride again at the Jeepney.

(Buti nalang I am with my knight in shining armor HAHA!)

Theeeeeeeeeen, we arrived at Sandiganbayan (where I am going to meet my sister coz she will accompany me to pass my requirements) at exactly 9:30 am. I’ve met all my sister’s office-mates and they are really nice!

 (“Hi po sainyo,! if you happen to be reading this I am looking forward to meet all of you again!”)

After the meeting and all, the three of us me, my B and my sister went straight to COA,  where I will be going to pass my requirements. While walking, nagkwentuhan kami ng sister ko about some thingsssssss….. Yeah madaming S!

When we are at the CSC room to pass my requirements,


OMG! May epic moment nanamang nangyari sakin HAHA. Aside from I forgot my school ID (which is also 1 of the requirements) at the SB’s guard, my CSC ID picture has a big mistake!!!!


(Ayan Masaya ka diba!? Ingiti mo pa!)

Honestly, I always feel awkward every time I smile without showing my teeth! but this time hindi pwedeng nakalabas! Neutral lang dapat ateng!!

So ayan , another big problem! I have to take another one (from scratch) plus there are no photo print shops near the vicinity and plus again I have to finish everything immediately because I have class starting at 12:30 am and it was already 10:30 am so I only have 2 more hours to make everything kaya paspasan lahat.

Good thing there was a rush ID in a very small stall near the Batasan Terminal kaya ayun I got to pass my requirements on time.

IMG_6301(Awkward diba? LOL)

God blesses me pa kasi walang lunch break yung agents, so I don’t have to sacrifice my 12:30 subject! *wink*

Then after the sweat, the intense heat of the sun, the running and all the difficulty; all we can do is to laugh. Yup laugh! HAHAHA

And before we go (me and my B) my sister treat us a meal, so we ate for a while and talk about things and the happenings and all.

And their favorite part is my ID picture *insert super pissed off face*

IMG_6300 (Sa totoo lang nakakatawa naman talaga)

As what they said: “Ayan malungkot na siya kanina nakangiti siya eh. Masaya siyang magpapasa”

Then they goes laughing… well even I laughed at myself! It was so disgusting! HAHA

Grabe talaga hahaha!

Well anyway, Can I call it a day?


It happened last April 16, the family decided to take a short break and unwind for a while. It is also a post birthday celebration of my younger sister, my father, older sister and her husband.

Our first stop is the Bolinao Falls, the water is really clear and cool! sarap maglublob dun, then pwede ka pang maligo!! yup dun mismo sa falls. Just make sure you had your bath soap and all *wink*IMG_3850

We also had our lunch there, they had cottages near the falls for rent (if I could still remember it costs 250 pesos).

Then we head out to  Bolinao Lighthouse!

IMG_4060IMG_4059IMG_405713043251_1181785865195249_1827365006678743352_nIMG_3884It was said that, in that lighthouse the film “The Promise” of Richard and Angel has taken there shoot.

And then tada!!


We went straight to Pangasinan’s little boracay, the Patar White Beach!



IMG_3899IMG_3897.JPGIMG_389613051699_1079994902038537_8530651198587417946_n13007260_1079995628705131_7399986743300181744_n12994300_1079993658705328_2607556050216396465_n12993556_1079992512038776_2614794374565060200_n12993472_1079994595371901_6853519207002247971_n11215164_1079993355372025_1677560249860691728_n13012690_1079994858705208_6679606113294243307_n Sisters

nhdIMG_389213007196_1181783281862174_1832742890508182984_n13015342_1181783611862141_5949918326408660844_n12974269_1182793905094445_8867730371768006264_n12998610_1079991058705588_5567811007153954595_nPhoto above are my 2 adorable sisters haha they make us laugh all the time! yung tandem nilang dalawa *insert super duper happy face*


13010687_724533030983038_2089800806982164438_n                                                                       My Kuya!! haha


It was a beautiful Island! how I wish I could go back there anytime soon!!

Well anyway, at around 2 pm we went to the Casa to check in our things and take a rest.

The resort was nice, good for a family gathering yung tipong gusto mo kayo lang yung magkakasama hahah! Because they only had few rooms (kaya hindi crowded) which is much better para wala kang kaagaw sa facilities.


And everything are by the beach kaya tanaw na tanaw ang scenic view.

then afterwards, we decided to take a dip on the pool.

IMG_394812472315_1181782628528906_6994898758285800247_n12998462_1096663613729331_3745019631553549858_n  That cute little girl is Gab *smile*



The next day, we went kayaking!

But wait, after sunset syempre may sunrise *inlove*




It was sad because my mother wanted to try it kaso katirikan ng araw, di keri ng nanay ko. So next time nalang mader!

Aaaaand swim! swim! swim!


Before leaving the town, we drop by at the St. James the Great Church


We had to go back to Manila immediately (for some odd reasons). Yet, we really enjoy our short stay-cation at Bolinao. Hoping to be back soon!