So here it is, the 2nd day of our trip. ย it was already 6 am when we took our breakfast.

img_4595(selfie muna hehe)

Our first destination was the Kabigan Fallsimg_1095

we have to trek back and forth to reach/ see it’s beauty. good thing hindi ganoon kahirap at nakakapagod kasi di siya gaanong mabundok so lakad lang talaga.img_4593img_4596img_4588img_4589img_1024img_1025img_1027img_1029img_1030img_1031img_1063img_4587img_4591img_4582img_4584img_4581img_4580

So beautiful, when you are about to appraoch the falls you can already hear it’s running, flowing water.img_1119img_1082img_1094img_1077img_1076img_1075

The water is really cold! super! napapasigaw nga ako sa sobrang lamig which is not a good idea. so wag ninyong gagayahin because the forest people will be disturbed by the noise.13174002_733893500046991_4194133935413315223_n13174186_733893356713672_424286435386410937_n13151863_733893706713637_6185189980034806683_n13179319_733893590046982_1774862827974660010_n13177602_733893796713628_5294452837214752070_n13177492_733893040047037_50287891141555366_n13164375_733893020047039_6466970427147873234_n13138867_733893230047018_3164618411894902773_nREALLY? WHAT A FACE ๐Ÿ˜€


The good thing also is we are the first group to arrive at the falls so family bonding lang talaga no other people ๐Ÿ™‚

Before heading out to what I love (the beach) we just went first and take a view at the Patapat Viaduct, it was just a bridge like road and ย it is kind of beautiful.img_4622img_4621img_4623img_4624SQUAD GOALS!!

Then we went to Paraiso ni Anton there is a running water that people are going crazy about to sip some from it.img_1135

so ako naman nahiwagaan kaya I insisted my father that I want to take a sip of it and he take me some so I can taste it, and yeah it taste sweet and fresh! we also bought Ilocos empanada and some souvenirs.

After that we head out to Bantay Abot Cave! so beautiful with its scenic view.img_1141img_1146img_1151img_1153img_1154img_1160img_1161img_1163

Aaand then we head out to the Blue Lagoonimg_4556(I swear can stare to this island all day!)

img_4723img_4722img_4721img_4719img_1190img_1199img_1204img_1197img_1189img_120513064728_1046579212083616_3356994702113970808_o13220627_1046583428749861_7076896198853631728_o13246308_1046583245416546_709332110077934572_o13100930_1199196920120810_3169925475643800146_nWow, just wow! we really enjoyed the beach! even if the sun is really hot you will never feel because the water is very cool!!

while my sister is afraid on being tan, I and the boys together with my younger sister doesn’t care anymore because we really wanted to enjoy our vacation. *evil laughs*

past 4 in the afternoon we already packed our things up and…

that’s all for now, Chao!


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