So what is an Ilocos trip if we will not visit the Vigan Heritage Site? but before that let me share you some other tourist spots we’ve been through.


It was our last day at the beautiful Ilocos, sad! and for our day 3 we first visited the

Bangui Windmills13268170_1046583218749882_124903081038341658_o13221445_1046550512086486_7537846750941328124_n 13243853_1046579502083587_1230841921609838535_o13173907_1199197223454113_8424768761808149855_n13178827_1199197160120786_9090755840944064823_n13103363_1199197293454106_56337695320734478_n13177460_1199197193454116_8431001517044456537_n

when we got there, there is a manong who owns a horse and offers a ride for only 20 peso! oh diba barato! kapag dito yun sa manila or sa baguio hundreds of pesos yun before you will be able to have a horse ride pero kay manong only 20 pesos so Gora!


when it’s my turn, manong asked me if I wanted to let the horse reach up the knee level of the ocean. When we are approaching the shore natakot ako because it was not just like a typical shore na panay agos lang ang waves, pababa pa yun so I said “balik nalang po tayo” and I heard marami na daw namatay dun so wag na po , balik niyo na po ako sa pamilya ko hahaha…

After that we went to Kapurpurawan Rock Formation! 13235086_1046560825418788_613478235559348571_oPuraw from its Ilocos term meaning “white”. It is because of how powdery white the rock was and how it was beautifully created by nature itself.

13124971_1199200490120453_3360380407185969262_n13177612_1199200420120460_9033039690629775442_n13151393_1199200293453806_5051911028376974525_n13235366_1046560962085441_6501426844829384741_o13217460_1046560932085444_6271405219813810263_o13268148_1046561048752099_3243477245732732917_o13092076_1199197646787404_4049626436276815524_n13164314_1199197466787422_751628344119365332_n13166124_1199197936787375_1228243058260651331_n13133334_1199197810120721_1708777427333719063_ntwo words “Picture Perfect”!

Grabe nature has always something to offer! I just realized that technology overpowered our ability to live this life, I feel sad every time I see a child having fun with any gadgets… dapat di ganoon! aside from we became unproductive we tend to ignore what the real meaning of life is!!

life is about living it having a good life, a meaningful life, an abundant life! and okay sorry not sorry for ranting.

Anyway, we also visited the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse 13112886_1046561088752095_3854984165718395204_o

where you can also see a beautiful view above

13138824_1199200716787097_2637106658592670972_n13263787_1046561478752056_6461943892599213802_n(haggardoz :D)


Theeen, we went straight to one of the 7 wonders of the world

The Vigan Heritage Site!


It is one of the best town in Asia that has a well preserved Hispanic houses

13164381_1199198400120662_8375259325558379759_n13165849_1199198673453968_4805887418995913662_n13177953_1199198540120648_1433047616870457427_n13247931_1046561132085424_5754219637752007599_o(Photo Op lol)


There is also a festival that’s about to happen when we got there so I must say that we are lucky to witness it 😉

They call it the Binatbatan Festival, I do not know what it is but all the dancers are having a two bamboo sticks in them so there must be a connection between the two haha I do not really know 😀 I’m sorry!

(This link might help:

13246234_1046578982083639_5780037520409425088_o13254876_1046579078750296_5033904307454637644_o13220741_1046583288749875_8366235418972455615_o13138848_1091508547553839_8002696709899315428_n(all the kids participant are too cute!!)

Anyway we depart vigan at 8pm and got back to manila at 1am

Overall it was a wonderful experience! I do had a really great time 🙂

it is indeed more fun in the Philippines!


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